CarePatrol Franchise

Established in 1994, CarePatrol franchise is a Senior Placement Franchise developed by one of the founders of the industry in the nation. It is a high profit, low investment, low overhead opportunity in the senior care market WITHOUT the worry of hiring caregivers. Offering assistance in over.....   Read More Here!

4 Traits Successful Franchise Owners Share

There are over 750,000 franchise units operating in the United States from over 4000 different Franchise companies.

That is A LOT of Franchise owners. That got me thinking, What do successful franchise owners have in common with one another?

Here are 4 things we have found over the past 18 years.....   Read More Here!

Selecting the right Franchise to open

There are many things to consider when you are thinking about opening a Franchise business in your area. What is the best franchise to open? How much do franchises cost to start? What is the return on investment for a Franchise business?

Purchasing a franchise is like any other investment: it.....   Read More Here!