Apex Fun Run Franchise

Apex Fun RunApex Fun Run Franchise helps elementary school raise funds for sports, clubs, and more, while promoting fitness and teaching its students fun and engaging lessons about leadership. This is has never been more necessary than it is today. We all know that schools today lack the critical funding they need to operate. Parent Teacher Organizations are strapped for resources, undervalued, and need a leg-up. Apex Fun Run Franchise offers a unique, hassle-free fundraiser that nets results for kids and funds for schools.

Apex Fun Run have helped elementary schools raise more funds than they ever have in the past, raising tens of thousands of dollars for schools across the country.

Its three-person teams of former pro and collegiate athletes spend two weeks in each school presenting Apex’s unique curriculum and prepping students, teachers and parents for the big race day. To date, the program has helped schools in four states (with two more scheduled) and typically raises twice as many funds for a school than any other elementary school fundraising product or company.

This franchise requires a $20k cash investment. Please complete the form below to request additional information.

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