Honor Yoga Franchise

Honor YogaThe Honor Yoga Franchise mission is to provide a welcoming, beginner-friendly, and accessible to all yoga studio that fosters and supports the community and the environment. This reflects Honor’s understanding and commitment to yoga as a practice supporting physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and community health and wellness. We guarantee that our mission is delivered with friendliness, warmth, and in studios that are built and maintained with the health and respect of the environment as essential to all wellness.

Honor Yoga Franchise’s diverse body of teachers and flexible program make their Teachers’ Training unique. Their teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds and yoga styles giving their customers a rich experience and a broad and diverse overview of yoga.

Honor Yoga Franchise is a sustainable community of healing offering an approachable, loving environment to help their clients honor their mind, body & self through the practice of yoga. Our beautiful eco-friendly studios are expanding nationwide.

This franchise requires a $30k cash investment. Please complete the form below to request additional information.

If our article caught your interest, or the idea of opening a franchise excites you, please reach out to us via the form below so we can talk.
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