High Volume High Margin Franchise

Interested in a proven successful Franchise that is a nationwide company? As you read through this article I’d like to ask you to keep an open mind. Read through the entire overview before making any snap decisions.

I will be up front with you, no one wakes up in the morning and thinks this type of Franchise is “sexy”. On the other hand, as the owner of the business, you aren’t the one down in the trenches providing the service directly to the customer. Your employees handle that part of it.

As the owner of this type of high volume/high margin franchise you are overseeing the financials, marketing & large network relationships.

The majority of the revenue generated typically comes from the insurance industry so the home owner isn’t paying you for the service, the insurance company is paying you.

This is a large ticket service with high margins, low overhead & high volume. Customer service & relationships are what lead to success because everyone in the industry uses the same exact software to estimate the jobs.

So if price isn’t the issue, if everyone uses the exact same software to estimate the jobs then what are the key differentiators in the business? How are you able to succeed with this type Franchise?

There are a few simple things that lead to profit with this franchise:

– Understand that the industry is fragmented, there are a few industry leaders & a bunch of mom & pop folks. A lot of room to steal market share from the small “chuck in the truck” guy.
– Build & maintain client relationships with local insurance agents. When claims are filed the insurance agents are the ones that decide which direction to point the home owner.
– Consistent, good quality work that is inspected during & upon completion.
– Time management, set & keep appointments. Make sure your crews are on time.
– Customer satisfaction. Inspect what you expect. If you know what that means we should definitely talk.

As I mentioned earlier this is a high volume high margin franchise. Ready for the category? Want to know what services are provided?

Drum roll……..here it is: Water, smoke & fire damage restoration & remediation. I know, not that sexy but please keep an open mind. And remember you are working ON the business not IN the business. You are the business owner not the guy removing wet carpet.

This is a NEED not a WANT for a home owner. Since most of this type of work is covered by their home owners insurance they don’t want to get this done, they NEED to get it done and they need to get it down NOW.

As the franchise owner you are building relationships, running the numbers & handling the marketing.

Here is a simple example: Customer has a leaky pipe, water collects on their family room floor & ruins the drywall & carpet. Home owner calls insurance guy, insurance guy gives home owner a few companies they work with, home owner gets estimate & insurance company pays the bill when work is completed.

Sound sexy? No. Sound like a potential profitable business with large ticket, high volume, high margin with guaranteed pay from the insurance company? Yes.

I highly recommend having one conversation with us over the phone. No obligation, no cost to you. Spend an hour with us on the phone. Keep an open mind. I think you will like what you hear.

Call or text 267-417-4980 and ask for John.


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